• Installation of Sod at a magnificent estate on the Hudson River by D. Breen Sod Farms, 875 Pulaski Hwy, Goshen, NY 10924

    Sod Installation in Progress


D. Breen Sod Farms employs expert crews who are very experienced at proper sod installation. Their work is professional, efficient and aesthetically pleasing so the lawn which results will be lush and beautiful.

Your site should be ready for installation when you order your sod. That means you should have cleared out all plant growth, weeds and debris including rocks from the areas in which you want sod planted. Then you should be sure your soil is the proper pH for growth of grass which can be confirmed through testing. Your soil should be tilled to be aerated with weeds eradicated. If your soil requires that its pH must be balanced, you should address this issue prior to arrival of the sod including fertilization if needed. Grading the planting area so your sod sits evenly is quite important as well. This will prevent lumps in your lawn which will be shaved off when mowed. You also must remove any previous lawns if implicated in this project. While it is tempting to want to install the new sod right over the old lawn which is already leveled, the new sod will not be able to root because it must have contact with loose, fertile soil to do so. Make sure your soil has been liberally watered but not muddy before the sod is planted for best results.

Note: If your motivation in purchasing sod is for a quick cosmetic upgrade on a house you may be selling, and you ask our installers to lay new sod over an old lawn, we will comply as long as you realize the sod may not take root.


Expert Sod Installation at a Hudson River estate by D. Breen Sod Farms, Goshen, NY

Expert Sod Installation to enhance a Hudson River estate by D. Breen Sod Farms, Goshen, NY

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