• Sod for both Sunny and Shady Sites from D. Breen Sod Farms, 875 Pulaski Hwy, Goshen, NY 10924

    Sod for Sunny and Shaded Areas


Looking for instant curb appeal? Or maybe you seek the solution to an erosion or mud problem. Perhaps you need to create an immediate sports field or simply want to repair some bare spots within your existing lawn. Then again, possibly it's time to completely replace your whole disappointing lawn once and for all.

Whatever your reasons, you require a quick fix that will satisfy your quest for a beautiful lawn without planting seed and waiting for it to mature. A high-quality sod is your answer. D. Breen Sod Farms has been producing excellent sod for decades in Goshen, New York.

The sod we grow is the product of tremendous dedication which begins with purchasing high quality seed from premiere sources. Professional planting and monitoring its growth for up to 18 months eventually develops into the velvety green grass which becomes the sod we sell. This means starting with the ideal soil, generous irrigation, correct fertilization, consistent mowing and prudent removal of clippings to ensure adequate exposure to sunshine. All of this diligent care guarantees a strong root system which will support the success of each piece of sod installed at your site.

As a result of this expert operation, the sod emerges into a thick mat of healthy grass which will deter the growth of weeds, as well as your need to apply environmentally harmful herbicides. By investing in sod, you conquer a number of problems like a sparsely grown hill of grass, the presence of dust and prevention of erosion from an overabundance of rain and its ensuing mud. Not to mention the beautiful aesthetics of an immediate thick carpet of a lush green welcome mat.

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod for sunny yards from D. Breen Sod Farms, 875 Pulaski Hwy, Goshen, NY 10924

Kentucky Bluegrass Sod for Sunny Yards


There are two types of sod grown by D. Breen Sod Farms. Both are classified as "Cool-Season" Sod which is perfect for use in our greater New York region and the Northeastern area of the United States. Cool-season sod is hardy enough to withstand our subzero winters as well as the sometimes extreme heat of our summers. What is critical for survival of your new sod is what kind of lighting conditions your site has. Some sites are exposed to full sun while others are relatively shady. However, all grass needs some sunlight to survive! Since sod is grown in full sun without any shade, installing it in a shady area will be a shock. Grass grows taller quickly in shade in its effort to reach for the sun but the growth is weaker than grass in full sun. If grass installed in a shady area does not get at least 4 hours of dappled or filtered sunlight, it will eventually expire. As a general rule, full sun means 4-6 hours of direct sunlight.

For this exact reason, D. Breen Sod Farms grows 2 types of grass: A special "Athletic" blend of Kentucky Bluegrass for full sun and a special blend of Tall Fescue grass for partial shade or wooded areas.



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